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Last night, we saw the trailer of The Day The Earth Stood Still on TV. Then Dad asked if we wanted to watch today. We agreed. So Mummy went buy movie tickets at Junction 8 when I was still working.

I bought some food and drinks from Old Chang Kee and 7-Eleven in case we got hungry as the movie was starting at 840pm. Dad came with Mum and picked me up from work. He drove fast to reach Junction 8 cos I knew that the car park would be FULL. When we reached, the carpark was not full.. Lucky… We went up to the cinema and took our seats…

The Movie STARTED at 9pm =_=

A mysterious alien, Klaatu, travels to Earth with a simple mission; to save the planet. He lands his vast space ship in Central Park, New York and announces his plans to a fearful world watching from all corners of the globe. He will destroy everything then re-populate our planet with clones of the current species… All except humans who he feels are responsible for Earth’s destruction and must be permanently destroyed. He unleashes swarms of dust size robots who sweep through New York and the surrounding area dissolving everything in their path. As mankind fights to survive, one female scientist convinces Klaatu to stop the earth’s destruction and give us a second chance.

Run time:

1 Star out of 5 for storyline and plot!
3 Stars out of 5 for Special Effects.

When we finished watching, we were like “WTF? ENDED LIKE TAT?” Luckily, today is Monday so cheaper tickets… After the movie, we went home and had a light dinner which Dad bought from the coffee shop downstairs..

Ahh.. it is really nice to be HOME~ ^_^


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Boring Sunday!

Sunday, Dec 14.

It was really so boring! I wanted to go out but it had been raining the whole day.. It was really so good to sleep but yet it was really boring. The whole day I spent on blogging, watching WGM, napping, knitting, etc..

In the evening, Mummy cooked me dinner.. It was really DELICIOUS!

“SHELLS” Pasta! Chinese-style (?) Mummy’s Own Cooking

Mummy and I watched Millionaire Star on TV while waiting for Dad to come home from overseas. I often DOZED off on the DAMN COMFY SOFA! ahhaha.. Mummy came and put a blanket on me cos I was DAMN COLD. Sweet Mummy again.. I woke up at 1030pm to watch my fav K-Drama on Cable TV.

Dad came home just before 12am. He passed me the thing and told me…. “Why so expensive?”

That’s why.. *LOLz* He got it for me from DFS Airport! Hee~

I fell in love with the taste of MOET & CHANDON at PowerHouse recently. It was really nice to drink! I smirked evilly to Mummy saying that we would drink it.. Mummy laughed silently when Dad went BATHING.. Later on, Mummy asked “Want to drink now?” I told her that it needed to be chilled before serving. She said okay then WENT BED! *LOLz* Want Drink? Then WENT SLEEP? hahahah ^_^

Good Night Readers and Bloggers, I m off to BED =)

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Oh My God! Times really flies! I first blogged in blogger.com on Monday, November 29, 2004.It has been since I first blogged. I moved from there to another blog at wordpress.com then moved to the new blog site at the same URL address. Through these years, I have been improvising on my blog to get better. And now.. let’s sing a happy birthday song to my blog.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to My Blog!
Happy Birthday to “My World of Joy”!

Now let’s take a look of my previous blogs:

My First Blog I created on November 29, 2004. It was quite dark and deep. That time I was into goth, darkness and abyss. Hence I created this blog. One day, I heard that wordpress.com was better than blogger.com. So I moved to wordpress……

I started my Second Blog on December 24, 2006. That day, I was very emotional and upset. So the very first post was very emotional and upsetting. I continued my style which was emotional, upsetting and dark. It was mostly wordy full of emotions and dark.

From that final day of my Second Blog, I left my dark emotional blog behind and started a new blog. I wanted a fresh blog citing to my new fresh life. I was struggling very hard to break free. And finally I broke free from the cage where I was held as a bird. It was a difficult year for me as I was full of dark emotions inside. I had to put out my dark emotions. Hence I set up a new blog..

That new blog is the PRESENT one which I am already blogging. I brought all the fresh happier emotions here. Thus, my dark emotions were gone by the time I started the third blog. Since then, I have remained here. All my happier days have arrived here.

Once again, I sing a happy birthday song to my blog! ^_^ I feel like a pioneer of blogs… HeE..

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Since November is coming to an end soon, I recall many things as many days go by. I miss those fun times during the month. It was really fun especially November Babies Birthday Celebration. So here are the photos although they are delayed greatly.
They were taken at Amara Hotel and DYMK Cafe/Bar on November 8.

Five November Babies! Whoa! I m the only lady here but… I m the PRINCESS! *LOLz*

Cam-Whoring Couple =P Do they look great together?


Wa~ Nipple-Kisser! How come Wendy is still smiling?

Alfred smiles sososososos big… I believe that he cannot not wait to stop CAM-WHORING. He wants to eat food ma.. =P Alfred: You enjoyed eating the buffet there right? Nice n delicious hor?

MOUTH-WATERING FOOD! I took food… from Lamb to Fish! Even Oysters, etc~ Tried almost all except FRUITS =( I was too full.. so could not eat FRUITS in the end.

George enjoying his Seafood Herbal Soup.. I tried it.. Ahh.. really nice! =P~~~

FOOD THIEF! KOng is enjoying and Wendy pops in trying to eat from his spoon infront of her mouth =X

Agree? Look like a waitress and a waiter right? Who looks better? Heee… Want a Polling Booth? =X

Ahhh.. They are loafing around…… Nautie them..

The Manager arrives and finds them loafing around..

They “go boinks” over a mere bottle of wine.. *LOLz*

Finally Nov Babies Bday Cake! ***Orange Exotic Cake from RIVE Plaza Singapura B1**

Four November Male Babies Blowing Candles together. I m not allowed to blow cos my bday was already over. Mummy told me not to blow. I dunno why..

Finally…. HOME SWEET HOME! =)

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Knit Stitch No. 1, 2 & 3

Knit Stitch is the most fundamental basic knit. This stitch is easy to knit by “hands-on-hands practical” than reading from the Knitting Books. To start the Knit Stitch, you need to do Slip Knot and Cast On. To end the Knit, you need to do Cast Off.

Casting On is the term for making the foundation row of stitches on your needle.

First, you have to do a Slip Knot then Cast On.
Then, knit till the end and Cast Off with the remaining thread.

If you want to know the basics of Knitting, feel free to ask me to teach you. This hobby is not really very expensive but Time-Consuming. I had an auntie who used to love knitting. But one day, she stopped knitting and left a half-done work. So that’s why you have to think first before embarking out.

Here is a few pictures of Knit Stitch:

This is used with 1mm or 2mm. You can see the “very close” gaps of the rows.

Using the same stitch, I used 4.5mm. The gap between the rows are a bit far from each other.
(See the arrow above)

Using the same stitch, I used 8mm. The gap between the rows are far from each other.
(See the white arrow above)

So now you see…. Anyone who wants to learn this stitch to knit a scarf?

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Thanks to someone who suggested knitting to exchange scarves. I embarked out on knitting which I last knitted when I was 8 years old or 9 years old! It has been 20 years. Nevertheless, I still remember how to start knitting (CAST ON) and knit the ONLY ONE MOST EASY STITCH. The ONLY ONE MOST EASY STITCH is called KNIT. I could remember how I do the KNIT STITCH. I was taught by my aunties when I was very young. That time, I was very much into Barbie Dolls so I knitted mini tube dresses for them. Then I stopped. Maybe that time I grew tired of it.

So this year, I picked up again. Gradually, it became my hobby. I find it fun to knit! Now I m doing RIBSTITCH – the combined of KNIT and PURL. Initially I thought it was easy to do RIBSTITCH. When I tried, it was really hard and tiring to remember how many KNITs and PURLs to do. I repeated it a few times. But I never gave up till now, I can manage slowly.

I admire my two CHINA colleagues at work. Their fingers and hands are SUPER SPEEDY! They knit really SUPER FAST! I was like “OMG!”

Here is the pictures of knitting scarves:

Left: Done by Ms Professional Bitch in less than 1 month.
Right: Done by My CHINA Colleague in only 3 days!

Done by Ms Professional Bitch
Stitch Pattern: KNIT
Knitting Sticks Size: 8MM

Done by My China Colleague
Stitch Pattern: Mix of KNIT and PURL (very complicated due to many diff patterns you see)
Knitting Sticks Size: 4.5MM

Done by another China Colleague in about 2-3 days I think
Stitch Pattern: KNIT
Knitting Sticks Size: 4.5MM

I buy my Knitting Sticks from SPOTLIGHT at Plaza Singapura Level 5. The brand is BIRCH, plastic type. I get my Knitting Yarns from Golden Dragon Pte Ltd at People’s Park Complex Level 2. Dad also got me many Knitting Yarns from Garden Street, Hong Kong around Mongkok area.

Ahh.. I get back to my RIBSTITCH Knitting now….. See You.. =)

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Ahh… My Days with Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty is over as I m awaiting for the new episodes of Vampire Knight Guilty. I was so bored that I downloaded another anime “Hayate the Combat Butler”. I fell in love with this anime after I read the manga of the same title..

Ahh… Here is the information:

Alternative title:

Hayate no Gotoku! (Japanese)
Hayate, le majordome (French)
Hayate, maître d’hôtel de combat (French)
Hayate, mayordomo de combate (Spanish)
ハヤテのごとく! (Japanese)
하야테처럼! (Korean)

Genres: action, comedy, romance, slice of life

Themes: harem, Parody

Plot Summary:
Hayate Ayasaki is an unlucky teenager who worked since childhood to make ends meet due to his parents’ irresponsible behavior. One day he finds out that his parents ran away from home, leaving behind a massive gambling debt on his shoulders. While running away from the debt collectors, he ends up meeting Nagi Sanzen’in, a young girl who is the sole heir of the wealthy Sanzen’in estate, and due to a misunderstanding, Nagi ends up falling in love with Hayate. After he rescues Nagi from some kidnappers, she hires Hayate as her new butler.

Aside from performing his ordinary duties as a butler, Hayate must fight to protect Nagi from harm, a difficult task as her life is always in danger because she is the target of other individuals coveting her family’s fortune, and sometimes deal with some extravagant requests from her, oblivious to Nagi’s true feelings for him.

So those who are otakus, go for this anime/manga! You will love it for sure!

Ahh.. I go back to watch…. ^_^ Eyes Glued to “Hayate the Combat Butler” ^_^

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