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Before Dec 31, 2008 leaves for January 1, 2009, I decide to look back to the day where Pink Pool Party was held.

It was held at Orchard Scotts: Serviced Apartments. It was really beautiful. Very elegant and classy. Even the room was really beautiful. How I wish I can live there. But it is very super expensive to live as it is over SGD10K per month for rental!

I was invited to Pink Party Pool by Wendy who did not turn up that night. It was ironic for Wendy not to turn up at the party after she invited some of us. I met Daniel, Kelvin Ong, Kelvin Ho, George and Eugene at the Party. Later Yen and Terence turned up after their bath as they were swimming earlier on. I saw David and I was so happy to see him after a really long time. His eyes were really sparkling. He brought us to his room.. Wow beautiful.. Too bad I did not have the chance to stay in the apartment.

Trying out my SONY T-100 camera.. Told him to pose =)

Reflection of ME from the lift doors.. That was what I wore to the party ^^

Theme of the party was PINK. That was why I wore PINK tee. Looking at the spread of food and I saw a christmas log cake. David told me that it was from Fullerton Hotel, Number One’s Best Log Cake…

I tried… OMG! Tooo “high” alcoholic cake. Not up to my taste buds.

Terence was looking at Yen’s and my Falsies and commented. Yen and I decided to put Falsies on him! Haha~ He hesitated but we managed to persuade him!

Trying to pout sexily hor?

O_O! Ah Gua on the ALERT!

OmG! Dun he look sexy?

George Pukes! *LOLz*

Couple in “LOVE” ^^

Yen and I had fun dolling the poor Terence up! We did on him as we giggled. I told Terence to go home like that.. Heee… Finally had the whole gang photo with David the Organiser of the Party!

All the night long, Yen kept on commenting that my falsies were MAKING DAMN GOOD LOOK on my bright big eyes. She even kept on saying I look soso PRETTY.. I had lost the count of how many times she repeated. *LOLz*

So after the party, we went DYMK Bar to chill out…. ^^ Yen and Terence went home later on after the party.. ^^

**By the time you read, I am already in HONG KONG partying for NYE Celebration**


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Today I went to Centrepoint during lunch-buying time on hearing that the tallest chocolate sculpture is on display at Level 1. I was amazed by what I see…

“Singapore is hoping to set a new world record with a tower of chocolate that measures 7.27 metres tall.

The chocolate sculpture is part of the annual Cacao show at Centrepoint, a shopping mall in Orchard Road, and organisers are hoping it will break the record for the world’s tallest chocolate sculpture.

It has been certified as the tallest chocolate sculpture by the Singapore Book of Records but organisers have just submitted it for the Guinness Book of Records.

Designers say the sculpture was inspired by Christmas candles.

But breaking a record does not come cheap. The 1,000 kilogrammes of premium chocolate used had set designers back some S$10,000.

The sculpture will be on display until December 7. “

Wish Singapore good luck to enter Guinness Records of the World as the Tallest Chocolate Sculpture!

I crave for CHOCOLATE!! I haven’t eaten CHOCOLATE for a long time…

Ah.. That is CRAFTMANSHIP! And it was how the chocolate sculpture was beautiful created!

Awww.. I feel eating that tall sculpture…. It must be DAMN DELICIOUS! Anyone wants sponsor me “BRANDED” Chocolates? hahahah

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Last thursday, I went with my friends. Again yesterday, I went with my parents. It was the LAST DAY of PC Show 2008. We arrived there at 12pm plus and it was already PACKED! So many people! It led to a VERY BAD HUMAN JAM~ LoLz~ Even Dad and I quened up for almost 6 hours at Starhub Booth all just to apply Starhub Broadband and get free Lappy! Are we KIASU? *LoLz*.. But then, I forgot to take photo of a SUPER LONG Q at Starhub Booth! =( Anyway, here are the photos…. Dun laff ah.. =_=”
[.] [.] [.] Here…

^_^ PC Show 2008 ^_^


H_H SONY Booth H_H

How was PC Show 2008? Did anyone go? Surely most of you went. Did you buy anything?
From there, I bought….

Left: Qnity pink Fashion Stereo Headphone at $12.90 (Buy 1 Free 1 – The other pair was purchased at a half price by Miss Stella Lok who went with me to PC Show last Thurs)
Right: LYSIUM “Mirror-Reflection” USB 4 Port at $15.90 (I HeArT iT! It has a “mirror” on top where I can see myself on it! Thanks Barry!) ^_^

Till then.. PC Show 2009 will be on June 11…… *BeEp*

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