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Hello readers and bloggers! How are you all these days? I believe that you know that time is ticking as we age. It also terrifies me when I feel that time is ticking as December 2008 is approaching to the end and welcomes 2009. It makes me feel that I am already getting older +_+ So.. I decide to take Beauty Supplements to keep my skin healthy and young. But they ain’t cheap. They are still worthwhile as long as I take them regularly…

Here are the Beauty Supplements:

Left: Evening Primrose Oil 100mg (Pure and Natural with 10% GLA)
Benefits: It is a rich source of the essential fatty acid, ‘gamma-linolenic acid’ (GLA). Essential fatty acids such as GLA play a role in the structure of cell membranes, helping to maintain their fluidity and flexibility, and therefore assisting in the maintenance of normal skin health. Regular consumption of Evening Primrose Oil will help keep the skin supple and radiant. Evening Primrose Oil also supports hormonal balance and may be used to provide nutritional support for mild discomfort associated with pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).
Verdict: My Skin is getting better and it really cures my PMS!

Right: Nutrition for Eyes (With Billbery & Beta-carotene)
Benefits: It is specially formulated to provide nourishment to the eyes and ideal for those experiencing from tired eyes. It also improves circulation to the eyes, promotes healthy eyes and preserves good eyesight. It assists day and night visual activities and reduces visual tiredness and eyestrain.
Verdict: My eyes no longer feel tired at work! I feel perked up!

Left: Vita Collagen Booster
Benefits: Collagen is the fibrous protein that forms the primary structural component of the skin to give its resilence and elasticity. However, the skin protein collagen is particularly susceptible to free radical damage and when this happens, the result is premature wrinkles, loss of elasticity and a dry, dull, leathery texture skin.

Vita Collagen Booster is a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care supplementation, combining marine collagen, acerola extract and zinc to help in the formation of healthy skin. Marine Collagen provides amino acids and glycosaminoglycans needed for the skin to maintain its moisture, elasticity and and firmness, thus revealing truly vibrant skin and skin smooth appearance. As one of the highest sources of vitamin C, acerola is involved in the formation of collagen and possesses antioxidant property to protect the skin. Zinc is added to enhance the metabolism of collagen, skin protein synthesis and wound healing.
Verdict: My skin is getting better. Mum once said to me, why my hands are smooth and supple.

Right: Women Multi
Benefits: It provides a perfect balance of 31 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbs to supplement the diet of women of all ages. The full set of B vitamins and chromium provides physical and mental energy. Choline and Lecithin are added for optimal mental performance. Bone building nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Soy support bone health. The antioxidant Vitamin A, C and E, Selenium, Copper and Zinc protect cells from free radicals.
Verdict: I just start taking them *LOLz* Since Women Multi can protect cells from free radicals which Collagen is particularly susceptible to free radical damage.

I get the supplements from John Little and OG Orchard. Actually you can get them from almost every where such as John Little, OG Dept Stores, Watsons, NTUC HealthCare, Mustafa and Guardian Pharmacy. However, some stores do not carry the ENTIRE RANGE of VitaHealth and Ocean Health. The prices range depending on the number of tablets in each bottle.

So think and pause then BUY.. Heee~ See ya~ I will be back for Pt. 3 sooner or later.. Stay tuned for this post! =)


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On Saturday, Dec 13, I met my sweet friend, Yen, at Hereen after being impatient to get out of my workplace. I do not like to work on Saturdays. Initially, I thought of taking a half day off from work but I did not as I would be greatly bored if I took a half day off. We walked around Hereen first before deciding to go Far East Plaza since we had not been there for ages. It was really tiring to walk to FEP as I was carrying a heavy backpack. My backpack was full of a 12” Beloved white iBook, a bag of rechargers, USB slots, makeup case, etc. Too many to be named. *LOLz*

Yen offered to carry my backpack. But I declined cos she looked pretty in her pure white/black dress. She said she was fine with it. So she carried my backpack as well as my x-girl leopard bag. I carried her bag. I was touched that she endured all the way carrying my really heavy backpack. My Dad was not in Singapore on that day. That was why I had to carry. Usually, Dad would come to my workplace to take my backpack home. I was not the PRINCESS for that night +_+

We finally reached FEP after a “long” walk. We went down to Level One to see what we wanted to buy. We walked around till we reached a shop, MONDO. We saw so many footwear. We took a real long time to try a few pairs! Hee~ And I saw a pair of green pumps.. I fell in love with them. Yen said they looked really nice. But I knew I could not wear them due to my weak ankles and knees. I told her to take photo of them secretly. She obliged and took a photo of them.

Pretty Green Pumps! (Wedges Pumps)

Then we decided on our purchases. I cleanly forgot taking photos of Yen’s trying on shoes. =_=

Black Gladiator Shoes. ONLY $9.90!!!!

They look great with my toenail colors! Yen liked my nail colors cos they were really pretty and nice color!

I painted it on my fingernails and toenails myself~ Nice Color right? They cost $30 for 2 (now $32 for 2).

We walked around FEP and stopped by Enamour Beauty as I wanted to take a look at nail polish colors. It is my favorite place as it has a very good service with young pretty staff. That is where I bought my nail color for my fingernails and toenails.

Enamour Beauty. RATE: VERY GOOD SERVICE! Friendly and attentive staff!

Yen told me that she loves falsies (False Lashes). I told her that DARKNESS is a good brand for falsies. She told me that she has a few of them at home. She purchased some of the items from that shop. The staff whom I know for sometimes, offered to put a pair of falsies on her eyelids. Yen was okay with it. Then the same staff asked me to try them on. I hesitated for some times then I obliged to try. She chose a shorter falsies for me as I was wearing a pair of spectacles. She was really professional and attentive towards us. She is very young.. I think in her early twenties or just 19 (?)

Falsies on our eyelids! The staff put glittery eyeliners for us! Sweet staff..

Thanks Yen! Two boxes of falsies costs $17.02 after 20% discount.

DARKNESS 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Eye Glue can last for 3 years as the staff claimed. She told us that the Made-in-China product would last only 1 year. We said to each other that we should try it since it is also an eye liner too. Previously, we had to use our fingers to fix the falsies to our eyelids. Really troublesome. Then we saw Eyelash Holder! Really very convenient and fast without any mess!

We ended our shopping moment and went Maxwell Food Centre to have our late dinner there. We met our friends there and stayed till the wee hours of the morning..

Reached home at 3am! Home Sweet Home~ Mummy was really sweet to stay up to wait for me.. I thought she would be sleeping cos she SMSed me saying she would be sleeping. But when I arrived home, she was watching her fav K-Drama on TV and waved at me! Sweet Mummy hor?


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Beauty Talk Pt. 1

To my readers and bloggers, I decide to talk about Beauty and Body to share the products which I have been using or my recommendations. Today, I am going to talk about the products which I have been using for sometimes already. I like these products cos of smell but they do not feel sticky on your skin. They feel like nothing on your skin but smooth and ample skin.

Firstly I recommend this Pink Grapefruit Body Butter from The Body Shop. Whenever I feel that my skin is dry, I apply it and volia! I love its smell! Very fruitty smell~ If you ask me about the price, I cannot remember cos I got it long time ago.

Pink Grapefruit Body Butter.. ahhh~ very nice smell~

That is the part of my leg! Not Photoshopped.. Very original~

It is also not Photoshopped…
So what do you think? Believe it or Not. Get it from The Body Shop and try it on your dry skin =)

Secondly, I also recommend Watsons’ Intensive Formula Collagen Hand Cream. I have been using it for sometimes when I feel my hands getting dry due to air con at work. The price is around $3 plus. I like its non-sticky cream and smell. Most hand creams I tried were really sticky although they smelt nice.

Watsons’ Intensive Formula Collagen Hand Cream. Applied as needed.

That is the back of my hand. Not Photoshopped.

See the difference? Buy the hand cream from any Watsons but I believe not all the Watsons outlets sell this. So try find it.. =)

I have ended the “Beauty Talk Pt 1”. See you again. *bows*** **Claps**

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