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Don’t LAUGH la~ =X

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Photography Credits: Mr Terence Thaddeus Lew, a Bedok Reservoir View Resident
Model: Ms Pearlin Lim, a Bishan Resident
Background Credits: America’s Next Top Model
Special Effects: Mr Terence Thaddeus Lew, a Bedok Reservoir View Resident

All Thanks to Mr Terence Thaddeus for Making Me Beautiful.
I love him for being my SIFU.
I love him for who he is now.
I love him for what he is now.
I love him for creating the NEW ME.
I love him for whatever he does.
I love him for being adventurous.
I love him for being in LIMELIGHT.
I love him for being my FRIEND for LIFE.
I love him for being WACKY.
I love him for whatever you can think of him.

Speaking about Mr Terence Thaddeus Lew,
He loves joining competitions ranging from “CATWALK” contests to “LAND + WATER” competitions.
He loves kissing me.
He loves being in limelight.
He loves being Trendy and Fashionable, Yet VAIN *lolz*
He loves grooming himself very well.
He loves keeping healthy and fit.
He loves travelling.
He loves teaching me.
He loves clubbing.
He loves bitching (SAME AS ME! High ^5!)

So here I end saying about Mr Terence Thaddeus Lew. =)


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My Best Findings!

Today, during my lunch-buying hour, I went Lucky Plaza with my cleaner colleague to get the glass clock fixed. While getting the clock fixed, I went to the next shop which has many Factory Rejects. Factory Rejects are the unwanted goods or old stocks. The shop is on Level One near the escalator. When the top got my eyes cos I saw “Old Navy” label on this. I was like “AMERICAN LABEL at this SHOP?”
And.. I took it.. Bought it…

ONLY $5! OMG! Really F-CHEAP!

Old Navy Label intact!

After the top got my eyes, I went to the other side… I saw SPORTS JACKETS.. Ranging from Adidas to PUMA! I took one cos I like it.. So I bought it….

ONLY $20! Not kidding you!

Puma Label intact! I had to remove silver marker on the label by using Nail Polish Remover.

It is the company policy (from what I heard from the forum) to SLASH the Labels by cutting the labels off or markering them using silver or black markers. If you are LUCKY, you can find the BEST FINDINGS with Labels intact. Before you buy, you have to check the defects first. I was LUCKY to find them among the clothes racks.. =)

I m even surprised that I can find the clothes which are factory rejects at REALLY GOOD PRICES. Now I dun mind getting them as Factory Rejects as long as I can have the BEST FINDINGS.

Talking about Factory Rejects, I remember I went to USA with my parents before the 21st Century started. I think it was 1998 or 1999. I still remember that we went with a Singaporean Tour Group to Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. From Los Angeles, with the tour group, my parents and I were in a coach bus going through the Southern California desert town to reach Las Vegas. There was a huge factory outlet called Barstow Factory Outlet. It has over 90 factory outlets where you can find branded goods at a really great bargain prices. Most are over 50% to 90% off regular prices.

From there, Mummy got me GAP Jacket, DKNY Jeans, Anne Klein pants and some I don’t remember as it is very long time ago.

Enjoy reading about Barstow Factory Outlets. You won’t regret shopping there if you fly to USA.

For the time being, I hope to fly to Hong Kong in December this year as there are some factory outlets there too.

Meanwhile I just found the URL address for Barstow Factory Outlet

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Whoa!!!!! Again, dun kill me la…
Well is it SURREAL?

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I could not believe that I m seeing an Arabian Wedding but it looks more like a GHOST WEDDING! oH mY GoD! Gonna faint at anytime..

Bride being whisked off to the ceremony..

HUMANS or GHOSTS?! Cannot see their emotions. So you won’t know if they are SAD or HAPPY or FRUSTRATED or watever the emotions are.

GROOMS can recognize their brides? Unbelievable!

huh? I see the groom kissing the veil… Dunno if the brides are beautiful or not.. Shrugs…


So who want to attend this Arabian Wedding? =P You will be seeing many “ghosts” instead…

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This morning I arrived at my workplace after being chaffeured by my FULL-TIME DAD DRIVER. I was doing my normal routine at work as in changing into my uniform and putting on make-up. After I came out of the room, I saw my aunt talking to my colleague about something and pointing at something. I asked her what she was talking about. She said her favorite tree met the sad fate of having her “arm” being struck by lightning.

I walked out of the spa salon and looked at the tree. Yeah I remember it was a beautiful and unique tree having one of its branches stretching out. No wonder, my aunt said it was her favorite tree. I went back inside and took out my digital camera. Then I walked out again to take the picture.

Awwww.. Poor tree.. I can feel that she is crying inside. I think she was struck by lightning at the wee hours of this morning.

After some moments, I saw a few people cutting………
So hence the SADDEST PIC..
Crying for IT… T_T

So Sad Fate….

Once beautiful and unique
But alas,
destroyed by a mere lightning…
Could feel her sorrow
of having her arm LOST….

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Grow Fangs on my teeth….

Now looking for YOU to bite.. I m so hungry for HOT BLOOD….. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!

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Ermmmm… well… Happy Rainbow Day! I anyhow say one! ahahhaah.. Here is the RAINBOW photo =P
It was taken at HBSC Starbucks.. It is one of my fav photos… Nicely taken with our SMILES..

Well, thank you Miss SMALL WENDY for showing her perfect 7 teeth..

How is it, Miss SMALL WENDY? Dun kill me ah… I m too cute to be killed lei.. So spare me pls…..
So anyone outta there! You are allowed to comment about this Rainbow photo.
I m waiting ……

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