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Last night, we saw the trailer of The Day The Earth Stood Still on TV. Then Dad asked if we wanted to watch today. We agreed. So Mummy went buy movie tickets at Junction 8 when I was still working.

I bought some food and drinks from Old Chang Kee and 7-Eleven in case we got hungry as the movie was starting at 840pm. Dad came with Mum and picked me up from work. He drove fast to reach Junction 8 cos I knew that the car park would be FULL. When we reached, the carpark was not full.. Lucky… We went up to the cinema and took our seats…

The Movie STARTED at 9pm =_=

A mysterious alien, Klaatu, travels to Earth with a simple mission; to save the planet. He lands his vast space ship in Central Park, New York and announces his plans to a fearful world watching from all corners of the globe. He will destroy everything then re-populate our planet with clones of the current species… All except humans who he feels are responsible for Earth’s destruction and must be permanently destroyed. He unleashes swarms of dust size robots who sweep through New York and the surrounding area dissolving everything in their path. As mankind fights to survive, one female scientist convinces Klaatu to stop the earth’s destruction and give us a second chance.

Run time:

1 Star out of 5 for storyline and plot!
3 Stars out of 5 for Special Effects.

When we finished watching, we were like “WTF? ENDED LIKE TAT?” Luckily, today is Monday so cheaper tickets… After the movie, we went home and had a light dinner which Dad bought from the coffee shop downstairs..

Ahh.. it is really nice to be HOME~ ^_^


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