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Oh My God! Times really flies! I first blogged in blogger.com on Monday, November 29, 2004.It has been since I first blogged. I moved from there to another blog at wordpress.com then moved to the new blog site at the same URL address. Through these years, I have been improvising on my blog to get better. And now.. let’s sing a happy birthday song to my blog.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to My Blog!
Happy Birthday to “My World of Joy”!

Now let’s take a look of my previous blogs:

My First Blog I created on November 29, 2004. It was quite dark and deep. That time I was into goth, darkness and abyss. Hence I created this blog. One day, I heard that wordpress.com was better than blogger.com. So I moved to wordpress……

I started my Second Blog on December 24, 2006. That day, I was very emotional and upset. So the very first post was very emotional and upsetting. I continued my style which was emotional, upsetting and dark. It was mostly wordy full of emotions and dark.

From that final day of my Second Blog, I left my dark emotional blog behind and started a new blog. I wanted a fresh blog citing to my new fresh life. I was struggling very hard to break free. And finally I broke free from the cage where I was held as a bird. It was a difficult year for me as I was full of dark emotions inside. I had to put out my dark emotions. Hence I set up a new blog..

That new blog is the PRESENT one which I am already blogging. I brought all the fresh happier emotions here. Thus, my dark emotions were gone by the time I started the third blog. Since then, I have remained here. All my happier days have arrived here.

Once again, I sing a happy birthday song to my blog! ^_^ I feel like a pioneer of blogs… HeE..


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This morning I arrived at my workplace after being chaffeured by my FULL-TIME DAD DRIVER. I was doing my normal routine at work as in changing into my uniform and putting on make-up. After I came out of the room, I saw my aunt talking to my colleague about something and pointing at something. I asked her what she was talking about. She said her favorite tree met the sad fate of having her “arm” being struck by lightning.

I walked out of the spa salon and looked at the tree. Yeah I remember it was a beautiful and unique tree having one of its branches stretching out. No wonder, my aunt said it was her favorite tree. I went back inside and took out my digital camera. Then I walked out again to take the picture.

Awwww.. Poor tree.. I can feel that she is crying inside. I think she was struck by lightning at the wee hours of this morning.

After some moments, I saw a few people cutting………
So hence the SADDEST PIC..
Crying for IT… T_T

So Sad Fate….

Once beautiful and unique
But alas,
destroyed by a mere lightning…
Could feel her sorrow
of having her arm LOST….

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It s Raining…

I woke up this morning feeling so cold…. I looked out at the window and it was raining…. Burrrr….

Rain has come,
feeling so cold…
How I miss the feeling of warmth
being hugged…

Rain has come,
it feels so hollow…
How I feel so gloomy…

Rain has come,
it feels so good…
How I wish
I can sleep longer…

Rain has come,
it feels so peaceful…
How I yearn
being peaceful at heart…

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