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Before Dec 31, 2008 leaves for January 1, 2009, I decide to look back to the day where Pink Pool Party was held.

It was held at Orchard Scotts: Serviced Apartments. It was really beautiful. Very elegant and classy. Even the room was really beautiful. How I wish I can live there. But it is very super expensive to live as it is over SGD10K per month for rental!

I was invited to Pink Party Pool by Wendy who did not turn up that night. It was ironic for Wendy not to turn up at the party after she invited some of us. I met Daniel, Kelvin Ong, Kelvin Ho, George and Eugene at the Party. Later Yen and Terence turned up after their bath as they were swimming earlier on. I saw David and I was so happy to see him after a really long time. His eyes were really sparkling. He brought us to his room.. Wow beautiful.. Too bad I did not have the chance to stay in the apartment.

Trying out my SONY T-100 camera.. Told him to pose =)

Reflection of ME from the lift doors.. That was what I wore to the party ^^

Theme of the party was PINK. That was why I wore PINK tee. Looking at the spread of food and I saw a christmas log cake. David told me that it was from Fullerton Hotel, Number One’s Best Log Cake…

I tried… OMG! Tooo “high” alcoholic cake. Not up to my taste buds.

Terence was looking at Yen’s and my Falsies and commented. Yen and I decided to put Falsies on him! Haha~ He hesitated but we managed to persuade him!

Trying to pout sexily hor?

O_O! Ah Gua on the ALERT!

OmG! Dun he look sexy?

George Pukes! *LOLz*

Couple in “LOVE” ^^

Yen and I had fun dolling the poor Terence up! We did on him as we giggled. I told Terence to go home like that.. Heee… Finally had the whole gang photo with David the Organiser of the Party!

All the night long, Yen kept on commenting that my falsies were MAKING DAMN GOOD LOOK on my bright big eyes. She even kept on saying I look soso PRETTY.. I had lost the count of how many times she repeated. *LOLz*

So after the party, we went DYMK Bar to chill out…. ^^ Yen and Terence went home later on after the party.. ^^

**By the time you read, I am already in HONG KONG partying for NYE Celebration**


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On Saturday, Dec 13, I met my sweet friend, Yen, at Hereen after being impatient to get out of my workplace. I do not like to work on Saturdays. Initially, I thought of taking a half day off from work but I did not as I would be greatly bored if I took a half day off. We walked around Hereen first before deciding to go Far East Plaza since we had not been there for ages. It was really tiring to walk to FEP as I was carrying a heavy backpack. My backpack was full of a 12” Beloved white iBook, a bag of rechargers, USB slots, makeup case, etc. Too many to be named. *LOLz*

Yen offered to carry my backpack. But I declined cos she looked pretty in her pure white/black dress. She said she was fine with it. So she carried my backpack as well as my x-girl leopard bag. I carried her bag. I was touched that she endured all the way carrying my really heavy backpack. My Dad was not in Singapore on that day. That was why I had to carry. Usually, Dad would come to my workplace to take my backpack home. I was not the PRINCESS for that night +_+

We finally reached FEP after a “long” walk. We went down to Level One to see what we wanted to buy. We walked around till we reached a shop, MONDO. We saw so many footwear. We took a real long time to try a few pairs! Hee~ And I saw a pair of green pumps.. I fell in love with them. Yen said they looked really nice. But I knew I could not wear them due to my weak ankles and knees. I told her to take photo of them secretly. She obliged and took a photo of them.

Pretty Green Pumps! (Wedges Pumps)

Then we decided on our purchases. I cleanly forgot taking photos of Yen’s trying on shoes. =_=

Black Gladiator Shoes. ONLY $9.90!!!!

They look great with my toenail colors! Yen liked my nail colors cos they were really pretty and nice color!

I painted it on my fingernails and toenails myself~ Nice Color right? They cost $30 for 2 (now $32 for 2).

We walked around FEP and stopped by Enamour Beauty as I wanted to take a look at nail polish colors. It is my favorite place as it has a very good service with young pretty staff. That is where I bought my nail color for my fingernails and toenails.

Enamour Beauty. RATE: VERY GOOD SERVICE! Friendly and attentive staff!

Yen told me that she loves falsies (False Lashes). I told her that DARKNESS is a good brand for falsies. She told me that she has a few of them at home. She purchased some of the items from that shop. The staff whom I know for sometimes, offered to put a pair of falsies on her eyelids. Yen was okay with it. Then the same staff asked me to try them on. I hesitated for some times then I obliged to try. She chose a shorter falsies for me as I was wearing a pair of spectacles. She was really professional and attentive towards us. She is very young.. I think in her early twenties or just 19 (?)

Falsies on our eyelids! The staff put glittery eyeliners for us! Sweet staff..

Thanks Yen! Two boxes of falsies costs $17.02 after 20% discount.

DARKNESS 2-in-1 Eyeliner & Eye Glue can last for 3 years as the staff claimed. She told us that the Made-in-China product would last only 1 year. We said to each other that we should try it since it is also an eye liner too. Previously, we had to use our fingers to fix the falsies to our eyelids. Really troublesome. Then we saw Eyelash Holder! Really very convenient and fast without any mess!

We ended our shopping moment and went Maxwell Food Centre to have our late dinner there. We met our friends there and stayed till the wee hours of the morning..

Reached home at 3am! Home Sweet Home~ Mummy was really sweet to stay up to wait for me.. I thought she would be sleeping cos she SMSed me saying she would be sleeping. But when I arrived home, she was watching her fav K-Drama on TV and waved at me! Sweet Mummy hor?


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On Dec 7, I was invited to my friend’s one month baby celebration at Parc Oasis. The couple are Calvin and Lilian. Their new born child is Enrique, the new son. Enrique has an older sister, Monique. Enrique was really very cute! Too bad, I did not take photos =_=”

To the couple, congrats to your new addition to your existing family! May he brings joy and laughter to your family. Hope you like the gift from me, Terry and Wendy =)


0-3 months

9-12 months

All the bodysuits CUTE hor? I got good taste right? =) Now the card I created…

After the party, Wendy and I wanted to go Vivocity earlier to do some shopping. I told Wendy I wanted to take a cab cos I was too lazy to take train. *LOLz* She obliged after I offered to pay for the cab fare.

I fished out two sunglasses – black and white. I told Wendy to try white on. She said okay and I put on black. Then cam-whore in a cab! *LOLz*

Posing without smiles.. Look dao huh?

Arriving Vivocity.. Cab fare: $12 EXACT! =O

I told Wendy to take photos at taxi stand with our sunglasses one. She said okay.. So Cam-whored again.. *LOLz*

“Wendy! Pose Normal!”

“Candid Pose pls!”

Changed to Black Sunglasses. Pose Normal again.

Candid Pose =)

Ermm.. My turn?? Ok Normal Pose.

Changed to Black Sunglasses. Sorry no candid pose for white sunglasses cos I think I look really UGLY.. *LOLz*

whoa~ I can press my leg to my thigh without any difficulties or pain! Wendy said “whoa. I cannot do.”

At 6.30pm, we arrived at Ben & Jerry after some shopping. Barry came with us. He treated us all to ice cream! How sweet he is…

Venue: Ben & Jerry at #02-135
Host: Barry
Guests: Me, Wendy, Irwan, Eugene, Kelvin Ong, Kelvin Ho, Junhao, Hiro (Did I miss out any guests?)
MIA Guest: George (His whole body has been aching since the time he completed 42km run! It is understandable that he cannot come)

Arrival of Barry with a BIG GREY/PINK PRAM (?) His pram? If not, how come it seems to be so close to him huh?

Looking at the camera with his CROSSED EYES! Did he hear the baby wail in the pram?

Savoring Slowly and Saying Ahhhh……

My Ice Cream!

Mother & Son

Sulking Wendy. Dunno why she looks sulky or trying act cool huh? =X

Happy Me!

Happy Barry Enjoying his Ice Cream!

Beautiful Blue Sky
Taken by Ms Toh Wendy using my Camera.

I was too engrossed in my ice cream that I forgot to take photos of the rest of my friends! ARGH!!!!!!!

Now you see why Wendy and I wear sunglasses.. =)
After Ben & Jerry, we went to St. James Power Station to party! It was really a long and tiring quene cos only the first 100 enter free with SMS. Irwan brought us to the second floor where he reserved a table for us. Aww.. So sweet of him.. We ordered 4 jugs of alcoholic drinks as it was a Happy Hour (till 10pm).. Each jug cost only $14! We drank and partied..

At midnight, we wished Barry a Happy Birthday greeting and he got beatings from us as his birthday beatings! *LOLZ* Then the guys danced like crazy! Barry enjoyed the most as it was his big day. Only Wendy and I sat cos we felt rather tired. We wanted to go off at 230am. But somehow we got perked up at 3am! Mabbe it was because I went off to look for my hearing friend but he went MIA =_=” Then I saw his friend and asked him where he was. He said smoking area. Then his friend and I went to smoking area. MIA again! Then went back to the table. MIA again! So I told him to tell my friend that I had to go off.

At 3am, I saw my friend and told him I had to go off. He said stay till 4am. I had to reject him. He looked sad to see me go.. hahahah.. We took a cab to Maxwell to have supper.. Then CAME A DOWNPOUR of RAIN! Wa Lau!! We had to stay till 4am plus… I arrived home in a cab at 5am +_+

Home Sweet Home! Had a tiring full day but full of fun! =)

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You are on the cover!

To my dear Superstar Barry, you are turning 30. I wish you a very happy birthday today. Stay handsome and cool as ever as long as you age beautifully =P Dun whack me ah.. I believe we all can age beautifully =)

O Barry, I Love You
O my Beloved Barry, I Adore You
O my Superstar Barry, I Yearn for You
O Barry, you are the most handsome guy I laid my eyes on..

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Since November is coming to an end soon, I recall many things as many days go by. I miss those fun times during the month. It was really fun especially November Babies Birthday Celebration. So here are the photos although they are delayed greatly.
They were taken at Amara Hotel and DYMK Cafe/Bar on November 8.

Five November Babies! Whoa! I m the only lady here but… I m the PRINCESS! *LOLz*

Cam-Whoring Couple =P Do they look great together?


Wa~ Nipple-Kisser! How come Wendy is still smiling?

Alfred smiles sososososos big… I believe that he cannot not wait to stop CAM-WHORING. He wants to eat food ma.. =P Alfred: You enjoyed eating the buffet there right? Nice n delicious hor?

MOUTH-WATERING FOOD! I took food… from Lamb to Fish! Even Oysters, etc~ Tried almost all except FRUITS =( I was too full.. so could not eat FRUITS in the end.

George enjoying his Seafood Herbal Soup.. I tried it.. Ahh.. really nice! =P~~~

FOOD THIEF! KOng is enjoying and Wendy pops in trying to eat from his spoon infront of her mouth =X

Agree? Look like a waitress and a waiter right? Who looks better? Heee… Want a Polling Booth? =X

Ahhh.. They are loafing around…… Nautie them..

The Manager arrives and finds them loafing around..

They “go boinks” over a mere bottle of wine.. *LOLz*

Finally Nov Babies Bday Cake! ***Orange Exotic Cake from RIVE Plaza Singapura B1**

Four November Male Babies Blowing Candles together. I m not allowed to blow cos my bday was already over. Mummy told me not to blow. I dunno why..

Finally…. HOME SWEET HOME! =)

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Happy Birthday Angeline! You are turning one year older.. Oopz~
Stay young as ever! Wish you having the best birthday celebration today!
See ya Babe! V ^_^ V

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That s you.. Really you.. =P

Happy Birthday! May you keep LEAN forever so I can drool over you =P
Wish you all the happiness that you are already having now =)

He is DAMN LEAN~ I wan DROOL already.. *^_^*

I get back to my Knitting… =)

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