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Today I went to Centrepoint during lunch-buying time on hearing that the tallest chocolate sculpture is on display at Level 1. I was amazed by what I see…

“Singapore is hoping to set a new world record with a tower of chocolate that measures 7.27 metres tall.

The chocolate sculpture is part of the annual Cacao show at Centrepoint, a shopping mall in Orchard Road, and organisers are hoping it will break the record for the world’s tallest chocolate sculpture.

It has been certified as the tallest chocolate sculpture by the Singapore Book of Records but organisers have just submitted it for the Guinness Book of Records.

Designers say the sculpture was inspired by Christmas candles.

But breaking a record does not come cheap. The 1,000 kilogrammes of premium chocolate used had set designers back some S$10,000.

The sculpture will be on display until December 7. “

Wish Singapore good luck to enter Guinness Records of the World as the Tallest Chocolate Sculpture!

I crave for CHOCOLATE!! I haven’t eaten CHOCOLATE for a long time…

Ah.. That is CRAFTMANSHIP! And it was how the chocolate sculpture was beautiful created!

Awww.. I feel eating that tall sculpture…. It must be DAMN DELICIOUS! Anyone wants sponsor me “BRANDED” Chocolates? hahahah


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