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I could not believe that I m seeing an Arabian Wedding but it looks more like a GHOST WEDDING! oH mY GoD! Gonna faint at anytime..

Bride being whisked off to the ceremony..

HUMANS or GHOSTS?! Cannot see their emotions. So you won’t know if they are SAD or HAPPY or FRUSTRATED or watever the emotions are.

GROOMS can recognize their brides? Unbelievable!

huh? I see the groom kissing the veil… Dunno if the brides are beautiful or not.. Shrugs…


So who want to attend this Arabian Wedding? =P You will be seeing many “ghosts” instead…


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This morning I arrived at my workplace after being chaffeured by my FULL-TIME DAD DRIVER. I was doing my normal routine at work as in changing into my uniform and putting on make-up. After I came out of the room, I saw my aunt talking to my colleague about something and pointing at something. I asked her what she was talking about. She said her favorite tree met the sad fate of having her “arm” being struck by lightning.

I walked out of the spa salon and looked at the tree. Yeah I remember it was a beautiful and unique tree having one of its branches stretching out. No wonder, my aunt said it was her favorite tree. I went back inside and took out my digital camera. Then I walked out again to take the picture.

Awwww.. Poor tree.. I can feel that she is crying inside. I think she was struck by lightning at the wee hours of this morning.

After some moments, I saw a few people cutting………
So hence the SADDEST PIC..
Crying for IT… T_T

So Sad Fate….

Once beautiful and unique
But alas,
destroyed by a mere lightning…
Could feel her sorrow
of having her arm LOST….

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Kim Min Soo from Korean group Monday Kiz lost his life early this morning in an motorbike accident. They just released their album a month ago on 31st March.

The incident happened this morning at 6:20am where the motorbike that Kim Min Soo was riding on crashed into a tree along the road. According to his management, he was immediately whisked off to Boramae hospital after the accident but was pronounced dead at 6:50am by doctors. His pillion rider who goes by the name of Lee suffered serious injuries.

Kim Min Soo had met with an accident last September involving his motorbike and was warded for four months in hospital. But this time, he couldn’t escape death and makes one wonder what it might have been.

Can Entertainment representing Monday Kiz expressed, “Kim Min Soo had said after his accident last year that he wouldn’t ride a bike again. I really can’t believe that this had happened. I really don’t know what else to say. We are awaiting the results from police investigations.”

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